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1 November 2017 Conference for College Counseling Center Clinicians
2 Remembering Larry J Seidman
3 Harvard Gazette Features Services & Research in our Center
4 99 Faces at Boston's Museum of Science
5 Cognitive Challenges Can Be Early Symptoms
6 New Clinical Tool to Help Predict Risk for Psychosis
7 PREP Program Receives Funding Boost
8 B-SNIP Study Featured in Scientific American Mind
9 Watch Our Webinar: "Talking about Psychosis: Breaking Down Barriers to Early Intervention in Major Mental Illness"
10 Dr. Seidman Speaks to WBUR About Genetic Risk Factors for Schizophrenia
11 Clinician Conference: Talking About Psychosis, January 22
12 Dr. Keshavan Speaks to CBS News About Psychosis
13 Workshop on Cognitive Enhancement Therapy around Emerging Psychosis, December 4th
14 Innovative Approaches We Are Testing
15 2015 NAMI Walk Saturday on May 16th - Support The SPOT!
16 Mental Health Tools for Faith Communities and Civic Groups
17 Children's Mental Health Awareness Week is May 3-9
18 Cognitive Remediation Conference on June 3rd
19 Innovative Approaches to Prevention: Enhancing Mental Health DMH/CRC Annual Conference on April 10th
20 NEW: Handouts for Understanding and Managing Psychosis
21 Conference Active Steps: Transforming Mental Health on Campus
22 Help for those impacted by the Boston Marathon events
23 Free Conference May 3, 2013: Prevention and Management of Acute Psychiatric Crises in College and Graduate Students
24 New Brochure: CLUES Cognitive Enrichment Program
25 Test Yourself! Fact or Fiction Quiz
26 Youth Mental Health Conference 2012
27 CEDAR Moves to Boston's Longwood Medical Area
28 Post-doc/Practicum Training Opportunities at CEDAR
29 New CLUES Cognitive Enrichment Program at CEDAR!
30 Youth Mental Health Conference 2010
31 CEDAR Clinic Opens
32 Harvard €“ BIDMC Hosts Multisite Research Meeting
33 Our Work in the News