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Monday, 24 October 2011 13:42

cluesCLUES: Cognition for Learning and for Understanding Everyday Social Situations

Are you€¦

  • Having trouble thinking clearly or concentrating at school or work?
  • Forgetting things, like important appointments or school assignments?
  • Often feeling confused or uneasy in social situations?

CLUES training may be just for you!

  • CLUES is designed to improve attention, thinking, memory, and social wisdom in young people ages 16-30 who are being treated at the CEDAR clinic.*
  • CLUES is based on a program called Cognitive Enhancement Therapy**, which helps people improve thinking, work, and social functioning.
  • CLUES is tailored to help each person achieve his/her own personal goals.

What does CLUES Training involve?

CLUES is not traditional €œtherapy.€ It includes the following:

  • Assessment of attention, memory and thinking styles to inform training goals
  • Computerized cognitive enhancement exercises designed to improve attention, memory, and problem solving
  • Weekly class that focuses on enhancing social wisdom and performance at work and school

What is the Time Commitment for CLUES?

  • CLUES is an intense program that requires a time commitment that is similar to a college course (up to about 4-6 hours per week once the class begins).
  • CLUES training, including the class and computer training, takes about six months to complete.

How much does CLUES cost?

For those eligible for services, the CEDAR program (including CLUES) is open to all regardless of economic means. A sliding scale assures that no young person or family will be charged more than they can afford. Although health insurance may be billed if there is coverage, treatment does not depend on the decisions of insurance companies.

* Find more information about who is eligible for CLUES here.

** Hogarty, G.E., Flesher, S., Ulrich, R.F., Carter, M., Greenwald, D., Pogue-Geile, M.F., et al. (2004). Archives of General Psychiatry, 61, 866-876.