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On Thursday, September 7, 2017, we lost the lead figure behind the creation of CEDAR and this website, Larry Seidman, to a massive heart attack. He was just 67. Larry died in DC at an NIMH meeting. We take comfort in the knowledge that he was with scientific colleagues and dear friends doing what he loved so much and had been talking about his family and new grandchildren just moments before.

Dr. Seidman, “Larry” for many of us, was a true giant in the fields of psychology and psychiatry and in research on cognition, neuroscience, and major mental illness. In fact, he was picking up speed in his work to understand and improve the lives of individuals with and at high risk for major mental illness. The day before he died, he was excited about new collaborative ideas to develop specialized intensive services for children and adolescents with psychotic disorders.

Larry’s life and career touched thousands of people around the world.  Among his many scientific accomplishments, he was instrumental in highlighting the importance and nuances of cognitive development and functioning to the experience and impact of major mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. As the mental health community was actively developing interventions for adolescents and young adults at imminent risk for or in an initial episode of psychosis, Larry was already leading initiatives for children at risk.



We have lost a talented leader, a brilliant mind, a thoughtful scientist, a compassionate advocate, a long-term mentor, an insightful clinician, and a truly wonderful man.


Thankfully, Larry has taught and mentored hundreds of clinicians and researchers around the world, nourishing innovative ideas and strengthening skills to move his vision forward. He was a bridge-builder and community leader, leaving a team of people to continue the work he began.

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