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Commonwealth Research Center (CRC) in the News

APA Press Release
May 13, 2009

Insight into early problems may aid understanding of disease development, diagnosis and treatment


HMS Focus 2009

Pattern of Brain Activity Signals Danger of Schizophrenia
Therapeutic Focus Shifting to Earliest Stages of Disease

For many people, schizophrenia descends not all at once but in bewildering bits and pieces.
€œYou think a television is talking to you or about you, but then you say, €˜Well, not really€”that doesn€™t make sense,€™€ said Larry Seidman, HMS professor of psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Some people experience occasional strange thoughts or perceptions and never succumb to full-blown disease, but for others, the visions, voices and feelings of paranoia will visit more often. They may be joined by other strange behaviors€”lapses of memory, jumbled and nonsensical thoughts, extreme sensitivity to others, depression, a tendency to withdraw from social situations€”which can invite a noxious mix of emotions. . . Read Article >

CEDAR featured in New England Psychologist

CEDAR clinic to treat earliest psychosis signs

By Phyllis Hanlon

While the study of psychosis has been ongoing for the last 100 years, little attention has been devoted to developing preventative measures. This past March, a Boston-based program opened its doors and hopes to address this issue. A team of professionals at The Center for Early Detection, Assessment and Response to Risk (CEDAR) will assess teenagers and young adults at risk for developing psychosis and provide appropriate services.

CEDAR represents a collaborative effort between Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Department of Psychiatry, in affiliation with Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health (DMH); the Sidney R. Baer, Jr. Foundation is providing grant assistance for the clinic. CEDAR currently shares storefront space in Roxbury with a DMH-operated community support program for young people. >>

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