CEDAR Clinic Services

CEDAR Clinicians are here to Help You!


Our clinicians have expertise in identifying psychosis-risk (potential warnings for psychosis) and in helping young people with puzzling changes in thinking, feelings or behavior.  We are dedicated to helping you and your family at this confusing and possibly frightening time.


We want to understand what is important to you and what you think will be helpful. We know that you and your family have strengths that may help you through difficult experiences, and that the concerns that led you to CEDAR may not be the only concerns in your life. We will provide options for you and be happy to help you identify what will work best for you and your family.


Am I Eligible for Clinical Services?


The CEDAR Clinic is a little different from a typical outpatient center, in that you will need to be eligible for our clinic services and research studies based on your symptoms/experiences.


CEDAR clinical services are for young people (ages 14-30) who are experiencing new or worsening symptoms that may be warning signs for psychosis. There are a number of reasons why these symptoms can be occurring, and a good evaluation through CEDAR can help a young person and family members to better understand what is going on and what treatments can help.


For details, see Who Is CEDAR Here For? >


To find out if you are eligible for clinical services, please contact us: Referral Process >


CEDAR Clinical Services Overview


The CEDAR Clinic provides the following services:


These services help young people and their families:

  • Consider all treatment options
  • Understand changes in thoughts, feelings, and behavior
  • Stay on track or get back on track with school, work, friendships, or self-care
  • Learn strategies for reducing stress and increasing protective factors


Insurance and Fees

For those eligible for services, the CEDAR clinical services are open to all regardless of economic means.  A sliding scale assures that no young person or family will be charged more than they can afford. Although health insurance may be billed if there is coverage, treatment does not depend on the decisions of insurance companies.


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