Family Support Therapy

CEDAR welcomes families

  • Families provide information and a unique perspective that can be enormously helpful to our understanding of what is going on.

  • Families often worry and do not know how to respond.

  • Individuals experiencing changes or symptoms are often scared and confused. They need understanding, support, and help.

  • Research is clear that family participation in treatment can make an important difference in how well young people do!


Family Services May Help With:
  • Conflict about what to do
    Uncertainty and worry often polarizes people who might otherwise work well together: "My wife thinks our son needs a break and no longer asks him to do anything he doesn't want to do. I think he's getting lazy and needs to be pushed harder." 

  • Feeling overwhelmed, confused, or powerless
    "I feel pulled in so many directions. My friends and relatives all give us different advice. And now my daughter won't even talk to me."

  • Uncertainty about what to tell others
    "I don't know what to tell our other daughter. I want her to understand what's going on but I also just want her to be a kid and not worry."

  • Many other concerns and issues.

Family Services: At CEDAR, families are offered education and single family counseling as needed. These services are informative, structured, supportive, and focused on achieving family goals and solving practical problems. They are not focused on the past or finding blame.

Support and Education: CEDAR offers information about psychosis, risk factors, symptoms, and guidelines for how to help a loved one who may be at risk.

Single Family Counseling: Sometimes it is helpful for families to meet privately with a clinician to help problem-solve specific issues. CEDAR offers families this option when appropriate.


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