Other Services

Referral and Consultation to Other Providers
With your permission, CEDAR staff can talk with your other providers of care, such as your primary care physician, psychiatrist, therapist, nurse, teacher, psychologist, or guidance counselor. This may allow these providers to gain a better understanding of how to be helpful to you and to offer you additional treatment and supports to help you get back on track. If needed, CEDAR staff can also help you to find a provider closer to home or with special expertise in an area in which the CEDAR clinic does not specialize. Information is only shared with your written permission.

Selective Coordination of Care
Young people and families lead busy lives, making it challenging to know how to prioritize different aspects of care. CEDAR staff can help you choose what level or type of care might be most appropriate at any given time, make referrals to appropriate services, and coordinate communication or treatment planning between providers.

Sometimes what you need most is to have the people you see or work with every day gain a little more understanding of your experience and how to help. CEDAR staff provide regular consultation and training to schools, physician groups, mental health clinicians, youth workers, and other groups.


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