Our Approach

Our approach to clinical care is guided by several principles:

  1. We value families and social supports. We know that individuals who experience changes in how they think or experience themselves or the world often feel very alone. Their families are often worried but do not know how to help. We aim to provide as much information and help to families as an individual and his/her family wants. Collaboration between young people, their families, and their clinical care providers typically offers the best chance for positive change.

  2. We work as a team. This means that although you may work primarily with one or two clinicians, you and your clinicians have access to other team members with different areas of expertise.

  3. We don't just treat symptoms. Our goal is to help you in the areas of your life that are most important to you. If you are experiencing difficulties in your relationships with family or friends, or trouble concentrating at school or work, we are here to help you with these types of problems as well.

  4. We work to reduce risk. This includes recognizing risk factors, developing strategies to reduce stress and symptoms, and problem-solving how to prevent more serious problems. It also means helping young people and their families keep a healthy perspective and avoid too much worry.

  5. Help comes in many different forms. We offer a number of different treatment options because different individuals may need different types of help. We are also happy to make referrals to care providers closer to where you live or with specific expertise to meet your needs. Information you share with us is confidential so communication with others, including family members, will happen only with your permission.

  6. What we provide can change as you change. Young people ages 14 to 30 are often undergoing many changes, both in brain development and biology as well as in their lives. As you mature, your needs, values, and choices will change. What may be a temporary problem for one person may be an important sign of serious problems for another. We hope to help you change and grow in the way you want to, and will adapt what we offer to your needs and preferences.



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