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Prevention and Recovery in Early Psychosis

The PREP Program at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center


PREP is a program of expert diagnostic evaluation and comprehensive, developmentally attuned treatment for older adolescents or young adults who are grappling with the early stages of psychotic illness.


PREP is sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health. The program is a joint venture of the Outpatient Department at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center and the Commonwealth Research Center, affiliated with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School. Since December 2007, the program has been housed at The Spot Young Adult Center, a new satellite clinic of MMHC.


PREP has as its mission the earlier detection, earlier diagnosis, and earlier treatment of psychotic illnesses, with the aim of better life-long outcome for patients and their families.


Accurate diagnosis is the starting point for appropriate care. PREP therefore provides a highly specialized diagnostic service available to young people who for the first time are beginning to have psychotic symptoms, such as perceptual changes, delusional ideas, hallucinations, or disorganized thinking.


By providing both patients and families with earlier and more certain diagnosis, state-of-the-art treatment, and comprehensive support, PREP seeks to prevent a single episode of psychosis from evolving into a chronic, debilitating course of illness.


For more information on the PREP® program, please see our website:

The Prevention and Recovery in Early Pyschosis, PREP®