Increase Awareness & Teaching

Schedule a Training


Early intervention in and prevention of major mental illness depends on identification of young people during the very early stages of these illnesses. In other words, we depend on people like you to recognize the early warning signs and reach out to help. You can help us to increase community awareness about early signs of mental illness by helping us to connect with schools, health centers, and other youth agencies in the community to provide a free training.

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Raise Awareness


Raise awareness and challenge stigma in your school or community! Visit these organizations for more information:


  • Active Minds - "Changing the conversation about mental health."
  • Bring Change 2 Mind - "Working together to erase the stigma and discrimination of mental illness."

Teaching about Psychosis


Teachers and guidance staff have a unique opportunity to teach students about major mental illnesses, challenge stigma, and spawn hope and early help-seeking. The following links include specific materials and resources for teaching about psychosis and mental health more broadly. See if your students can tease out facts from myths. Get them talking!