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Are you concerend about changes in your mental health, thinking, or social and everyday functioing?

The Cognition for Learning and for Understanding Everyday Social Situations (CLUES) study is a new treatment to improve attention, thinking, memory, and social wisdom in young people who have had recent mental health changes.


Who Can Participate?

You may be eligible to take part in this research study if you are between ages 15-30 and have had any of the following difficulties:
  • Trouble thinking clearly or concentrating at school or work
  • Forgetting things, like important appointments or school assignments
  • Often feeling confused or uneasy in social situations
  • Feeling like your eyes/ears/mind are playing tricks on you
  • Becoming overly focused on certain ideas that other people find odd
  • Feeling suspicious

What's Involved?

CLUES study participants take part in a 6-month treatment that includes the following:

  • A screening interview to figure out if you are elgible for the CLUES study
  • Three assessments (prior to starting CLUES, at the end of CLUES, and 3 months post-CLUES) of attention, memory, and thinking styles
  • Computerized cognitive enhancement exercises designed to improve attention, memory, and problem solving
  • Weekly class (4-6 hours/week) that focuses on enhancing social wisdom and performance at work and school
CLUES is provided free of charge for thos who are eligible, and participants receive compensation for taking part in study assessments.


For more information, please contact Megan Graham at (617) 754-1223 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Download CLUES Brochure

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